cerim automation
Cerim technology has developed, thanks to the experience gained over decades of research in the shoe manufacturing field, an automation system composed of complex machines (5-6 interpolated axes) that interacts with the workers in a shared environment.
Our decision was therefore to create an automation system for shoe factories in which the machines are in symbiosis with the man, who must maintain his centrality. The concept is deliberately in contrast with industrial robots designed to work independently without human presence.
The transfer of the last between the various interconnected machines that make up the rink for bottom processing is made by CERIM CO.BOT, with the following features:
  • Programmable axes with high power motors.
  • Programming of high-precision intake and discharge trajectories.
  • Programming system with touch screen display.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  •  Very high speed and transport capacity.

Working rink Configuration

The wide possibilities of composition of the working ring, mean that they can be interconnected from the simple bottom roughing machines to the most complex machines with combined and simultaneous processing.

The presence of the operator is necessary in order to load the first machine of the working rink and perform the quality control of the finished product. In some particular configurations the same operator can also perform additional machining operations on board the same machines, such as for example the pre-roughing with grinding device or the gluing of the soles in an automatic way.

The most successful projects proposed by Cerim are listed here.