The new Cerim system ensures the result with maximum accuracy as the roughing and cementing take piace simultaneously using the same working profile
The new kinematic mechanisms and the rotation of the tool with high power brushless motors, together with the accurate control of the engine revolutions, ensure constancy in the processing of leathers from the most delicate to the most resistant.
The new conical quick release of the tool, inspired by the ISO SK system, allows an easy maintenance and replacement unique in the sector. The new system increases the productivity of the machine and also eliminates both the marking phase of the sole profile on the upper and the transfer of the fast to other production areas, inside the factory, to perform the gluing operation.


In cases of unexpected variations of the sole, due to differences in molds or anomalous expansion of the materials, Cerim has studied and developed the new SIOE WALL SCANNER device. 
Controlled directly by the machine, it is able to detect the dimensional differences of the sole edge in several programmed points. The necessary corrections are applied instantaneously to the shoe being processed and the perfect match between shoe and sole is created. 
The new device also eliminates the marking phase of the sole protipe on the upper.

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