A hydraulic heel seat lasting machine, combing robust construction with a high degree of automation, placed in prominent position among the machines of this kind.

The automatic wiper temperature regulation assures perfect ironing of the seat. The wipers operation, which can be automatically repeated, creates a sharp edge of the back part and a perfect forming without any wrinkle: the appropriate seat to attach the heel. lf set far full automatic cycle the machine assures a great output.

Generally is not necessary any regulation far different models or height of the last; anyway far the installation of the machine and big changes of the type of work it is very easy to adjust ali the controls and the movements of the machine.

Touch Screen programming system.

The new tacks system has also special functions to increase the tacks quantity in the centrai part of the ball area in arder to decrease, up to reset, the spaces between a tack and the other.

he tacks may be enabled in a disjoined way far the first and the second phase of tacking, getting work cycles with 25, 27 up to 30 tacks far shoe.
This quantity has never been reached with automatic machines until today.




Application sectors recommended by Cerim

Sectors recommended by Cerim