The mach in e model K58STI is a new version of our heel seat laster which from more than 50 years is successfully on the market.

Owing to a new system of clamping of the last with the heel pad, the heel seat is perfectly moulded and sharpened on the edge; this is possible with any type of uppers and by using both neoprene or thermoplastic cements.

Far the latest there is the version with thermoinjection device, which eliminates the worker employed at the manual application of glue. Also special lasts, like the smaller children sizes, are easily lasted with excellent results.

The machine K58STI has a considerable daily output : the last support comes in automatically and allows an easy introduction of long bootlegs.
The adjustment far the different heights of lasts is automatic, therefore the machine is fit far different types of work.

The operating devices are electrical and hydraulic. They are very sensitive and work very smoothly.

To set the machine the operator can make adjustments quickly and easily.

Application sectors recommended by Cerim

Sectors recommended by Cerim