The calibrator: decisive help to ensure the quality of lasting



Determinant aid to the pre-assembly for centering, adjustments and information

During the configuration of the work program, a picture of the shoe to be mounted is taken, which becomes the reference image.

While editing, a camera resumes the shoe being processed and compares it with the previously stored photo, showing both images superimposed on a dedicated monitor.

The operator can check its centering on the monitor and proceed as soon as the comparison is satisfactory.

  • Patented system
  • Exceptional quality improvement without any loss of productivity
  • Image archive for any model and number
  • No more differences between left and right shoe
  • Capture of the salient details of the model for quality control purposes
  • Creation of virtual grids for alignment and reference of the upper
  • Archive of machine setups such as pressures, positions, equipment codes for each shoe model
  • Photo archive of the mechanical arrangement of the gripper group with real-time overlap
  • Vision of the mounting area via remote connection for assistance, control and assembly aid
  • Possibility of transferring images and model data (backup / restore) via remote connection or USB stick.
  • Historical memory of the assembly with the purpose of mounting the shoe in the same way also after some time (re-stocking) and the possibility of loading images and model data in case of prototype line vs production line.
  • Example video for the machine settings
  • On request the Master & Slave function

Application sectors recommended by Cerim